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db: add options to configure block index database There was a previous assumption that blockindex would be quite small. With addressindex and spentindex enabled the blockindex is much larger and the amount of cache allocated for it should also increase. Furthermore, enabling compression should decrease the amount of disk space required and less data to write/read. The default leveldb max_open_files is set to 1000, for the blockindex the default is set to 1000 with compression. The 64 value that is current is kept for the utxo database and does not enable compression. Two additional options are added here to be able to configure the values for leveldb and the block index: - `-dbmaxopenfiles` A number of files for leveldb to keep open - `-dbcompression` Boolean 0 or 1 to enable snappy leveldb compression Conflicts: src/dbwrapper.cpp src/init.cpp
author Braydon Fuller <>
date Wed, 13 Jul 2016 18:38:04 -0400
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// Copyright (c) 2009-2010 Satoshi Nakamoto
// Copyright (c) 2009-2015 The Bitcoin Core developers
// Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
// file COPYING or


#include "main.h"
#include "coins.h"
#include "dbwrapper.h"
#include "chain.h"
#include "addressindex.h"
#include "spentindex.h"
#include "timestampindex.h"

#include <map>
#include <string>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>

#include <boost/function.hpp>

class CBlockIndex;
class CCoinsViewDBCursor;
class uint256;

//! -dbcache default (MiB)
static const int64_t nDefaultDbCache = 300;
//! max. -dbcache (MiB)
static const int64_t nMaxDbCache = sizeof(void*) > 4 ? 16384 : 1024;
//! min. -dbcache (MiB)
static const int64_t nMinDbCache = 4;
//! Max memory allocated to block tree DB specific cache, if no -txindex (MiB)
static const int64_t nMaxBlockDBCache = 2;
//! Max memory allocated to block tree DB specific cache, if -txindex (MiB)
// Unlike for the UTXO database, for the txindex scenario the leveldb cache make
// a meaningful difference:
static const int64_t nMaxBlockDBAndTxIndexCache = 1024;
//! Max memory allocated to coin DB specific cache (MiB)
static const int64_t nMaxCoinsDBCache = 8;

struct CDiskTxPos : public CDiskBlockPos
    unsigned int nTxOffset; // after header


    template <typename Stream, typename Operation>
    inline void SerializationOp(Stream& s, Operation ser_action, int nType, int nVersion) {

    CDiskTxPos(const CDiskBlockPos &blockIn, unsigned int nTxOffsetIn) : CDiskBlockPos(blockIn.nFile, blockIn.nPos), nTxOffset(nTxOffsetIn) {

    CDiskTxPos() {

    void SetNull() {
        nTxOffset = 0;

/** CCoinsView backed by the coin database (chainstate/) */
class CCoinsViewDB : public CCoinsView
    CDBWrapper db;
    CCoinsViewDB(size_t nCacheSize, bool fMemory = false, bool fWipe = false);

    bool GetCoins(const uint256 &txid, CCoins &coins) const;
    bool HaveCoins(const uint256 &txid) const;
    uint256 GetBestBlock() const;
    bool BatchWrite(CCoinsMap &mapCoins, const uint256 &hashBlock);
    CCoinsViewCursor *Cursor() const;

/** Specialization of CCoinsViewCursor to iterate over a CCoinsViewDB */
class CCoinsViewDBCursor: public CCoinsViewCursor
    ~CCoinsViewDBCursor() {}

    bool GetKey(uint256 &key) const;
    bool GetValue(CCoins &coins) const;
    unsigned int GetValueSize() const;

    bool Valid() const;
    void Next();

    CCoinsViewDBCursor(CDBIterator* pcursorIn, const uint256 &hashBlockIn):
        CCoinsViewCursor(hashBlockIn), pcursor(pcursorIn) {}
    boost::scoped_ptr<CDBIterator> pcursor;
    std::pair<char, uint256> keyTmp;

    friend class CCoinsViewDB;

/** Access to the block database (blocks/index/) */
class CBlockTreeDB : public CDBWrapper
    CBlockTreeDB(size_t nCacheSize, bool fMemory = false, bool fWipe = false, bool compression = true, int maxOpenFiles = 1000);
    CBlockTreeDB(const CBlockTreeDB&);
    void operator=(const CBlockTreeDB&);
    bool WriteBatchSync(const std::vector<std::pair<int, const CBlockFileInfo*> >& fileInfo, int nLastFile, const std::vector<const CBlockIndex*>& blockinfo);
    bool ReadBlockFileInfo(int nFile, CBlockFileInfo &fileinfo);
    bool ReadLastBlockFile(int &nFile);
    bool WriteReindexing(bool fReindex);
    bool ReadReindexing(bool &fReindex);
    bool ReadTxIndex(const uint256 &txid, CDiskTxPos &pos);
    bool WriteTxIndex(const std::vector<std::pair<uint256, CDiskTxPos> > &list);
    bool ReadSpentIndex(CSpentIndexKey &key, CSpentIndexValue &value);
    bool UpdateSpentIndex(const std::vector<std::pair<CSpentIndexKey, CSpentIndexValue> >&vect);
    bool UpdateAddressUnspentIndex(const std::vector<std::pair<CAddressUnspentKey, CAddressUnspentValue > >&vect);
    bool ReadAddressUnspentIndex(uint160 addressHash, int type,
                                 std::vector<std::pair<CAddressUnspentKey, CAddressUnspentValue> > &vect);
    bool WriteAddressIndex(const std::vector<std::pair<CAddressIndexKey, CAmount> > &vect);
    bool EraseAddressIndex(const std::vector<std::pair<CAddressIndexKey, CAmount> > &vect);
    bool ReadAddressIndex(uint160 addressHash, int type,
                          std::vector<std::pair<CAddressIndexKey, CAmount> > &addressIndex,
                          int start = 0, int end = 0);
    bool WriteTimestampIndex(const CTimestampIndexKey &timestampIndex);
    bool ReadTimestampIndex(const unsigned int &high, const unsigned int &low, const bool fActiveOnly, std::vector<std::pair<uint256, unsigned int> > &vect);
    bool WriteTimestampBlockIndex(const CTimestampBlockIndexKey &blockhashIndex, const CTimestampBlockIndexValue &logicalts);
    bool ReadTimestampBlockIndex(const uint256 &hash, unsigned int &logicalTS);
    bool WriteFlag(const std::string &name, bool fValue);
    bool ReadFlag(const std::string &name, bool &fValue);
    bool LoadBlockIndexGuts(boost::function<CBlockIndex*(const uint256&)> insertBlockIndex);

#endif // BITCOIN_TXDB_H