Troy Benjegerdes

Financial Cryptography, Embedded Systems, Agriculture, Global Scale Systems Architect


Minneapolis, Minnesota and Manly, Iowa
707 469 3728
email: troy at 7 e l dot us

Employment History

7 Elements LLC, Minneapolis MN, and Manly, Iowa

Financial Cryptograph, Embedded Systems, and Agricultural Consulting 3/2013-present

  • Delivered a python/sikuli based automated QA testing framework to a fortune 500 client for testing wearable USB devices, associated cloud/web interface, and desktop client software.
  • Android/Linux kernel/library and build system integration and system performance evaluation for voice-activated embedded computer.
  • Automating repetitive web-based GUI tasks with Selenium, Javascript, and Python
  • Testing and prototyping of C++ real- time online payment processing system
  • Javascript/html5/phonegap mobile internet of things prototyping, development and end-to-end system functionality testing, for both mobile app UI and no-UI embedded linux data collection device
  • Technical advisor, financial cryptography, blockchain economics design, QT/C++ mobile wallet prototyping, development, and system test for the Grantcoin foundation


Aerotek, Mineapolis MN

Embedded systems Consultant


  • 7-2016-10/2016 - Linux driver support and system regression testing for ISP1763 USB host controller to support multiple cameras on an embedded-ARM system
  • 1/2016-6/2016 - Linux board support and security updates for an embedded ARM processor with QT based touchscreen interface for an embedded system used in finance and site security markets
  • 6/2015-10/2015 - Embedded Powerpc linux system board bring up, testing, and base board support package development for a high-performance parallel multi processor system with 10 gigabit ethernet interconnect.


Cray, St. Paul, MN

Software/Test Engineer - 2011-2012


Test Engineer for Cray's high-performance supercomputer interconnect. Development of regression tests for an automated testing infrastructure, testing software developer changes, new hardware bring up, and whole system functional tests of new Cray hardware.


Freedom Fertilizer, Spirit Lake, IA

Chief Technical Officer, Holistic Engineer - 2009-2010


Primary technical lead on a feasibility study of large-scale wind energy storage using an electrically-driven ammonia production process. Development of business plans, farm operator oriented marketing strategies. Technical evaluation and architecture of a control system strategy, and computer security process concepts, to ensure safe and reliable unattended operation of remote units.


Scalable Computing Laboratory, Ames, IA

Assistant Scientist III - 2003-2009


Research in high performance computing system interconnects (InfiniBand, Myrinet, 10 GigE), filesystems (Lustre, PVFS, and AFS), and energy efficiency of HPC systems. Maintained and supported 5 High Performance Computing research clusters, including researching and specifying new hardware platforms to meet the Lab's research requirements and assist other PI's in writing proposals. Worked with Ames Laboratory cybersecurity personnel to balance security vs accessibility trade-offs, and support open computing research while meeting all DOE cybersecurity directives. Directed day-to-day supervision of undergraduate research assistants, and project guidance for graduate students.


MontaVista Software, Sunnyvale, CA

Professional Services and Linux Kernel development 2000-2003


Embedded Linux development, porting Linux to new embedded computer systems, and professional services for MontaVista's customers. Active in maintaining comunity PowerPC Linux development source tree.


Terra Soft Solutions, Loveland, CO

Linux Software Development Consultant 1999-2000


Worked on a consulting basis to help develop Terra Soft Solutions's flagship product, Yellow Dog Linux for Macintosh computers and RS/6000 workstations. Architecture, design, implementation, and development of Black Lab Linux , which is targeted at the parallel cluster computing environment. Ported Black Lab Linux to CSPI's distributed multicomputer architecture, now known as FastCluster


Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
Graduate studies (uncompleted) toward combined Masters/PhD degree in Computer Engineering


Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
BS Electrical Engineering, Minor in Computer Science.


Professional Activities

Financial Cryptography and blockchain technical advisor to the Grantcoin foundation. DOE Block Grant lab reviewer, 2009. Reviewed city and county applications for Recovery Act energy efficiency funds. SuperComputing Conference Series Committee, 2005- 2008. For SC2007, was the SCinet group lead for the InfiniBand and Low Latency Ethernet deployments. Deployed the first ever cross country multi-subnet routed InfiniBand network, with InfiniBand WAN links from Ames, IA to Reno, NV

Activities And Interests

Iowa State Solar Car project: Participated in Sunrayce 95, Technical/business development advisor for 2016-2017 team. Hobbies include promoting urban rooftop solar installs, rural farming, urban farming, bike riding, canoeing, automobile repair, and Linux programming, and creating concepts and business models for Open Source Hardware

Relevant Professional Skills

Financial Cryptography and Blockchain economic design theory and application. Experience with hardware and software systems integration, debugging, and troubleshooting. FPGA development using Verilog and VHDL. MPI, C, C++, shell scripts, perl, python, linux kernel debugging/development, device drivers. Data Visualization with python/matplotlib and html/Javascript UIs. Quality assurance testing with Sikuli, Selenium, and Linux Test Projects. IPv6, WAN storage networks, and high performance cluster interconnects.